Fresh 48 Session | Welcoming Baby Kai

This session is extremely special to us because it was the first time we met our sweet nephew, Kai! This past year has been so much fun watching him grow. It is crazy to think that he will be one in a few short months!

This was also the first time we have ever shot a Fresh 48 session. They are so special and unique. A totally different experience than our usual studio newborn sessions- highly recommend!

The first time we met him! Hours after he entered the world 🙂

  1. Priya says:

    I was so hesitant to do this. How would I feel post-partum? How would Kai do?

    I am looking at these pictures, almost a year later, and I am so happy we went through with it! The pictures have instantly transported me back. When Kai was born, time flew; however, these pictures are allowing the feelings of that fleeting moment to live on forever.

    The 20 minute time investment was well worth it.

    Thank you, Fi Photography.

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